Sunday, March 27, 2011

Salvo Draft U.S. Army Paintball Sniper Elite Package Select

Before you can call yourself a sniper paintball scenario, you must have the proper equipment. Unless we have the draft U.S. Army Sniper Elite Paintball Marker package comes with everything you need to surgically remove an opponent to the ground and turn your head away from the field. Project label unless it is combined with a proven 20 "Tactical Barrel, whose generous make a direct transfer of still shots and a length in most of the muzzle, you can slip through the tall grass and brush strokes for those sneaky hidden. BASE provides a constant precision rock rest of the fire. Adjustable 30 mm Red Dot Sight gives a clear goal supply and raises the height of the view sliding bar, so you can use the view during the sign of the body, but to minimize the layout the form of interference, and the folding stock. sling allows you to pack a piece, when there is no need to walk along the shooter to hide your opponent's side.
US Army Project Salvo Elite Sniper Paintball Marker Package

WGP Trilogy Sport Auto Cocker Paintball Mark Blue

Description Brand New WGP Trilogy Sport. WGP Auto Cocker Trilogy Sport has taken all the best features of a classic auto paintball marker Cocker and re-designed its compact and lightweight package, without maintenance. Including the pre-set low pressure regulator (LPR) and three in the three-way valve body, Trilogy Sport brings a classic car Cocker closed bolt accuracy and efficiency in the hands of a beginner! Features: Lightweight uni-body attached to the bolt accuracy Air efficient operation angular velocity of the bottom line of integrated control 3-Way High LPR Micro polished ram Button High pressure safety valve for the gas panel foregrip 0.45 compact hinge frame grabs

Kingman Spyder Victor Semi-Automatic Paintball Marker

The Spyder Victor is now 15% lighter and 10% shorter, sporting a new look. Spyder has developed a plug with the attack tool to reduce the need for tools in performing basic maintenance on the scoreboard.

TIPPMANN Alpha Black Tactical Edition Paintball

Part of the Series Tippmann paintball products U.S. Army brand, paintball gun includes a M16 style six position collapsible stock and an M16 style shroud with built-in sight. The cursor has a realistic military appearance and comes with a barrel of high-performance 11-inch integrated carry handle and a removable magazine that doubles as a toolbox. This is an officially licensed product of the U.S. Army.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tippmann 98 Custom PS Paintball Gun Marker MEGA Set

What is included in the new box Tippmann 98 Custom Ultra Basic Marker Platinum Series 98 Custom Barrel Tank 20 oz PMI / Spyder with pin valve GXG Mask with visor and anti fog lens XVSN 6 +1 Deluxe Paintball Harness 6-140 Heavy Duty Round Tubes Premium 1 oz Oil 21 "Pull Squeegee (color varies) Ammunition Handbook hopper standard keys squeegee oil Two year warranty from Tippmann Tippmann Description The new Platinum Series 98 The custom is now easier to update, modify and maintain.

TIPPMANN A5 Gun 4+1 Xray MEGA Set + Remote + Neck Guard

What is included in the box of Brand New Tippmann A5 Tippmann A5 Barrel Select Cyclone Ammo Hopper, Xray visor with anti-fog and Lens, neck protector, 20 oz CO2 tank with pin valve 4 +1 Deluxe Paintball Harness 4 -140 Round Heavy Duty Tubes 21 "Jerk Squeegee (color varies) Premium one ounce oil empire Allen Wrenches Gun Oil Tippmann Barrel Condom cleaning cable operators Manual Full One year from the description Tippmann brand new Tippmann A-5 is a marker of high performance paintball with the patented Cyclone Feed system. Cyclone Feed System Links the feeder sprocket air system. The faster you pull, the Tippmann A-5 feeds. Pull the Trigger 15 times a second, and the Tippmann A-5 feeds 15 balls per second. Tippmann A-5 is also easy to clean and maintain with its no function toolbar on the ground. Innovative technology, maximum firepower, unsurpassed accuracy and Tippmann durability are the basic foundations of the all new Tippmann A-5.

Tippmann US ARMY Project Salvo Paintball Gun SNIPER Set

Manufactured by Tippmann Sports, USA Army Paintball markers and accessories are designed to help you take your game to the highest level of realistic play possible, and the U.S. Army Except Project Paintball Sniper game is no exception. The unit is equipped with a marker project Salvo, which includes features like a folding AR15 style six position collapsible stock and high performance 11 inch barrel quick message anodized AR15 style jacket with four Picatinny rails for customization. AR15 style magazine brand, meanwhile, has built-in tool storage that works like a toolbox. Further details of scoring quick connect elbow release, a front support assembly, heavy duty stainless steel braided gas line, adjustable focus and a proven system for high-performance line of bolt, and trigger-three pounds of attraction for smooth, steady shots.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GXG Stealth Anti Fog Goggles Paintball Mask

Global description of Generation X No Fog, Single Lens Stealth Mask mask. systems perspective quick release for easy replacement. Includes adjustable headband, hard plastic mask for protection, interchangeable lenses, closed cell foam, excellent protection, adjustable visor and more! Excellent mask for those just starting out. ASTM certified. Comfortable to wear.

Walther RAM P99 .43 Paintball Pistol Blowback Black

Walther P99 Paintball Marker gun real action is the ultimate in reality training. RAM products are replicas and use a real gun clip, which is .43 caliber paintballs or .43 caliber rubber balls. Rubber balls are commonly used in military, police or education authorities. This P99 RAM powered by one 12g CO2 cylinder, or the adapter, 88g CO2 cylinder. It looks, feels and shoots very accurately as the real P99, and virtual reality in paintball. Should be shaped, black, hard plastic gun Gase. Available in all black and silver slide, slide, or black and white film, blue and green.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Smoke Extreme Rage Sonic Overdrive Paintball Hopper

Description Extreme Rage Overdrive Sonic dB Loader works with a 9-volt alkaline battery for hours of continuous operation. With a choice of three single-user engine speed for better control and constant power supply. With a capacity of 200 beads and more, this e-zine, you all balls you need when you need it. New power system provides continuous flow of vortex paintballs in your marker without jamming. Tools Plus 200 Ball Capacity. More battery power operation at speed 3 using a rate of dB Sound 9V Activatd Jam free operation

Sports Sensors Paintball Radarchron

Keep your paintball paintball marker function safely with probes Radarchron Sports. The Radarchron Paintball is a small sensor inexpensive microwave Doppler radar measures the speed of a paintball as it is fired from a marker that helps you assess if your cursor in line with regulatory standards for safety limits. Users have the option of keeping the aircraft in hand near the gun marker, or they can join with a gun Radarchron simple loop strap. Once in place, the speed meter unit paintball in the range of 150 to 450 meters per second at + / - 2 percent accuracy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

US Army Project Salvo Designated Marksman Paintball Marker Package

There is a new tactical role in the battles of today, the designated shooter. There is a full time sniper, but with an improved service weapon capable of shooting accuracy when necessary. Here's a package to fill this need. Loaded with features like a barrel of 16 "Tactical (brand varies) to improve accuracy without sacrificing maneuverability, a red dot sight 30 mm vertical rail with the acquisition target and mask clearance. Stock folding seats folding in the cup and shoulder combined ergonomic grip of a stable shooting platform Be ready for when your team needs an extra boost Designated marksman The package includes:. # Except U.S. Army Project marker # 16 "barrel (brand varies ) Deluxe ergonomic grip # # vertical red dot sight 30 mm deep train # #

US Army Project Salvo Designated Marksman Paintball Marker Package

JT ER2 Pump Paintball Gun + Paintballs + Co2 Kit Clear

Description New ER2 JT gun kit pump comes with everything you need to start playing. Features pump action paintball marker 50 balls of lightweight composite paint 5 to 12 cartridges of CO2 program includes

US Army Project Salvo Close Quarters Paintball Gun Kit

Our U.S. Army Except Project Close Quarters Paintball Marker Kit comes complete with play paintball near them and on the board. The package includes a laser sight with pressure switch and intimidation red vertical grip to provide a stable shooting platform and constant. Close Quarters Package includes: United States Except Army Project # # # marker Deluxe ergonomic grip laser sight with Mount Tactical Laser Pressure Switch Rail Sling # #
US Army Project Salvo Close Quarters Paintball Gun Kit

Kingman Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

Spyder Victor is now 15% lighter and 10% shorter, sporting a brand new look. Spyder has developed a tool to alleviate the plug without striker out of the basic tools needed to maintain the sign. Spyder, a subsidiary of Kingman, was founded in 1994 which aims to provide an easy to use, reliable paintball that are accessible to all players. The company's brands are known for their performance and durability, and Spyder has long sought to be the most reliable brand of paintball. The company has remained constant throughout the year to create a popular product line, which includes all types of paintball supplies.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

JT Elite Paintball Mask Head Shield Single (Black)

Mask affordable for beginners, paintball mask JTUSA full size Elite provides full protection all around. The black mask offered plenty of ventilation to keep cool when the action heats up - on the top side.

Foam has an internal standard, the aim of adapting stretch nylon strap, adjustable chin strap that clicks to lock, and adjustable back plate to protect the shot in the back. The mask also features a 180 degree angle of vision, lead the eye and face. Comes with a clear and unique, which is recommended for average temperate climate, when spraying will not be a factor. with additional lenses and anti-stain-resistant thermal protection are also available.

DYE Paintball Mask Black Thermal Goggles HD I4

The smaller, lighter, lower profile and a better field of vision system available.Features i4 quick lens change - The i4 revolutionary patent pending lens system of rapid change for changing the target in less 10 seconds. This is the lens system easier and faster evolution in the sport today. The unique design of two tabs allows you to remove and replace the current goal or cleaned easily. Just press the tab in each arm, dragged forward and the goal is free to be removed. Insert the new lens and pull both hind legs to lock the lens in place. No room for takeoff, no additional documents in your hand. 290 degrees horizontal and peripheral vision - The i4 offers more vertical and horizontal peripheral vision than any other mask system on the market today. unobstructed view above and below you can clearly see all the details on the ground constantly moving his head.

Business is much easier to identify and give a clear visual advantage. This is combined with optically correct lens provides tirodial optical effect of brightness and sharpness, and protect your eyes. Cooperation with printed Soft Low Profile Mask - Designed for professionals in mind, I4 eyewear system provides comfort, durability and protection of our one piece of light, form double injection.

mask comfortable, ergonomic design, low, not only lets you view closer to the mark, but also allows free movement with light. Compact, lightweight and compact I4 almost forget you're even a mask, light-Ear all.Soft - a sleek, lightweight, low-pressure soft padding to provide protection for you and offers style and clarity hearing. Ear protection is essential and I4, at the same time failing to provide the block, large or heavy. I4 In addition, the headsets are supported online cool that wicks sweat away from Max Time

JT Bodyguard Neck Protector

JT Bodyguard Neck protector is designed to fit your anatomy. construction of high-density neoprene securely attaches with Velcro flexible and this year we added a "Coolmax inner lining to keep your cool!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RPS Stinger 2000ct ORG Full Two-tone

The RPS standard bore .68 caliber Stinger ® bearings offer consistent quality, accuracy and durability. 2000 points.

Tippmann Cyclone Feed System For 98 Custom And Custom Pro

Cyclone Feed System is compatible with Tippmann Custom 98 and Custom Pro marker and connects the pinion power-air system for synchronized ball feed for reduced breakage and jamming. He lives up to 15 balls per second and include a foot wide, 200-round magazine, via quick release elbow.

Tippmann A5 Paintball Marker Gun SNIPER 4 +1 T4 RIS

The black Tippmann A-5 sniper marker is all about speed, making it an excellent choice for paintball activities. The A-5 - which comes with a full set of accessories sniper - is equipped with a patented Cyclone Feed, which connects the feeding mechanism of the toothed wheel in the air. This gives you the power of the gun to shoot a fury of balls as fast as you can shoot at a feed rate up to 15 balls per second. Users also have the versatility of arms, a framework that can be completely disassembled and reassembled in the field in 60 seconds without tools. And thanks to all cast aluminum arms, black finish receiving extra-tough, the A-5 is one of the toughest markers available. Combining technology, accuracy and durability, this high-end marker has everything you need for a day in the field, allowing you to focus exclusively on eliminating your opponent.

The A-5 also offers features like a shock absorber tip for reduced wear and recoil, a front cocking knob that allows for a fully enclosed receiver and mouth of a hopper 200 of width. The gun is compatible with CO2, compressed air, nitrogen, and is completely customizable for enhanced performance.

Half Finger Paintball Gloves

Protect your hands, leaving the fingertips free for maximum dexterity. fingerless gloves feature for most young people / young players in double-stitched leather Palmas flexible washable breathable mesh fabric PVC backlit high protection.


Extreme Rage Flexi-pad In The Middle Of Paintball

Extreme Rage Flexi Swab is designed to fold and fit in your pocket to clean the paintball marker in the field. This is a way of squeegee stick with large buffers at both ends and a flexible joint in the middle.


GXG Deluxe Black Paintball Harness 4 +1 Ammo

Horizontal Vertical Features 1 and 4 contain up to 560 paintballs held up a reservoir of highly resistant Adjustable tubes 68ci not included


Monday, March 7, 2011

Tippmann Collapsible Stock Kit (98 Custom And Custom Pro Markers)

The Tippmann collapsible stock kit adds a unique look and excellent support for snipers. This easy to install three position stock mounts on the marker by replacing the existing roof. It Tippmann 98 Custom and Custom Pro paintball markers. Is supported by a 90 day warranty on parts missing or defective.

About Tippmann

Tippmann mission is to provide innovative, high performance and durable paintball accessories for the world and stand behind them is famous for its customer service. Tippmann Sports is a leading manufacturer of high performance paintball markers and accessories. In 1986 by Dennis Tippmann Sr., Tippmann Sports prides itself on its research of technology and design. Whether you are just starting out or an advanced player, Tippmann has something to add or start the game.

Reflex Red Dot Sight / Weaver Base

Description A red dot sight electronic quality with a warranty against damage from paintball. NCSTAR brand name. Made of durable plastic and fits Weaver-style rails. Does that work on the Tippmann 98, 98 Custom, Custom Pro, and X7. Will also fit on any other gun or rifle that has Weaver rails. Comes with a cleaning cloth and extra batteries.

Tippmann Pistol TPX

Why X7 become the most popular woodsball marker? X7 is this unmatched performance with a wider selection of RSS and grip Cyclone eP external mail? X7 is this customization with more than 30 amendments, giving the user tries to create 1,000 s? Is this modifiability X7, Picatinny rails with four sites that makes adding, mangos, and fields of the wind? or X7 is lightweight magnesium receiver, low profile hopper? is all other improvements above and many who raise the bar of style and performance, and make the final woodsball marker.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun MEGA Mark PS

What is included in the new box Tippmann 98 Custom Ultra Basic Platinum Select Series 98 Custom Barrel 20 oz Tank PMI / Spyder with pin valve GXG Mask with visor and anti XVSN Fog Lens 6 +1 Deluxe Paintball Harness 6-140 Round Heavy Duty Tubes Premium 1 oz Oil 21 "Jerk Squeegee (color varies) Ammo Hopper Key Oil Manual Standard Squeegee Two-year warranty Description Tippmann Tippmann's new 98 Custom Platinum Series is now easier to upgrade, modify and maintain .

U.S. ARMY Tippmann Paintball Gun SNIPER Save Project

Manufactured by Tippmann Sports, U.S. Army Paintball markers and accessories are designed to help you take the game to a higher level of play as realistic as possible, and that the U.S. army sniper paintball kit Salvo Project is not a exception. The kit features a marker Salvo Project, which includes features like a folding style AR15-six position collapsible stock and a high performance canon 11-inch wire anodized quick and AR15-style jacket with four Picatinny rails for adaptation. Mark AR15 style magazine, meanwhile, integrates storage tool that serves as a toolbox. also a key marker elbow Quick release feeder, stand before mounting, high strength steel stainless braided gas line, adjustable front sight and a proven system for high performance bolt-line, and a trigger sub-3-book attraction for smooth, stable shooting.

As a bonus, you can easily improve the scoring with a project egrips Safe and several improvements in the performance of others to Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series, including the fueling of the cyclone, the shutter response, and the Flatline barrel.

Except Project sniper kit also comes with a series of paintball accessories of value, including a 200 cartridges, a CO2 tank with pin valve 20 oz, a remote-resistant spiral with a quick disconnect a padded square gun, a GXG Stealth Mask with visor, a luxury 6 +1 harness, pulling a 21-inch squeegee and a bottle of oil 1 oz Gold Cup. Finally, the set ends with a maintenance package that includes a set of Allen wrenches, a spare tank lubricant o-ring, cleaning cable, barrel sleeve and approved.

At home and abroad, the U.S. military been used Tippmann paintball markers in its training to emphasize the importance of fire safety and procedures of the cover and concealment. No other training device can replicate the same sense of realism of the fighting in a totally secure. Using these markers, you play smart and play hard. To get the most out of your game, the U.S. military U.S. offers download Paintball Army Field Guide that includes tips for playing your best, provides instructions on how to build a mission in the same way that the U.S. military and provides an overview of all the values of all the soldiers learn during basic combat training.

MK Brass Eagle T-Storm Players Tac Kit C1

An ideal package to start or upgrade a pump marker kit, Brass Eagle T-Storm player has everything you need and more to take his game to the next level. The Tactical T-Storm semi-automatic marker tactic is accurate, easy to use, light and powerful. With a tactical loader with elbow which has a capacity of 140-account and a deck lid, the label is easy to carry and use. The tactical grip provides comfort and control, while providing support for fast and accurate movement of your marker. A sheet of double trigger offers increased rate of fire for aggressive play.

The kit comes complete with JT Raptor goggles system that provides maximum protection and breadth of vision and a VL ProFlex squeegee, Brass Eagle flag game, and Brass Eagle Barrel Plug for added security.

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this product. The sale or shipment of this product to residents of California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Canada is prohibited. Check your local laws before ordering this product. We recommend using eye protection when using or near the use of this article.

Brass Eagle T-Storm MK Tac Kit C1 Specifications of players:

* Light weight semi-automatic marker

* Integrated foregrip

* Two-launch price

T * Brand Storm

* Specially designed tactical loader

* JT Elite Raptor mask

* The central part

* Barrel Plug

* Country of Origin: China

Bulk Hopper Tippmann Low Profile Cyclone

The A-5 continues to offer the speed and endurance. With a high-Cyclone feed system there is no reason to add the expense or hassle of an electronic magazine. to give extra speed we offer patented response trigger or selector new e-grip.

Ready for the fight of the box is the A-5 well known for his appearance, and if necessary can be easily field stripped in less than 60 seconds. The A-5 continues to offer great value and is the standard to beat for reliability and customization.